PCB Assembly Services from Sensor Solutions

With more than 15 years of experience in designing and manufacturing populated, printed circuit boards for our own products, Sensor Solutions is now offering our expertise in prototyping and small to medium volume production PCBAs.


Sensor's PCBA Design & Manufacturing Process

PCBA Assembly Equipment

Rapid Human Response: As a manufacturer of precision Hall Effect and other magnetic field sensors with the largest catalog and shortest production lead times in the industry, Sensor Solutions has developed circuit design and assembly processes that are time and cost-effective for prototypes and production volumes. Once we have materials on hand, we can provide populated assemblies within days, not weeks or months.

Proven Processes and Sources: We work directly with raw PCB manufacturers to turn schematics and circuit drawings into robust production-ready circuits in cost-effective panel layouts. Our Engineers have decades of experience in designing circuits considering not only the electrical requirements but also the fit and form factor needs of the applications.  Sensor Solutions can place your components on your PCBs, or we can draw from our proven sources to bring in components and/or PCBs at competitive costs for the required volumes.

No Hidden Costs: Our Engineers will review the requirements of your application and provide an accurate quote upfront that considers your specific application.  There will not be add ons or additional fees once the purchase has been confirmed

Unmatched Customer Support: Ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality products, services, and support is our highest priority.  Technical and Sales support requests are handled within 1 business day. Expedite options are often available for urgent requirements

Assembled in Colorado:  Avoid tariffs and customs costs/delays and reduce shipping costs/times.  Ground and air shipping rate options for next-day delivery or low-cost delivery within 1 week of shipment.


Request a Quote

Pricing is determined based on the requirements of the specific project.  To determine the cost and lead time for your application you can submit a contact form, give us a call at 970-879-9900 or  email us at sales@sensorso.com with the following information:

  • Quantity of Circuits Required:
  • Number of Unique Components:
  • Number of Total Components Per Board:
  • Number of Thru Hole Solder Joints:
  • Number and type(s) of BGA, QFN. or Leadless Parts:
  • Single-Sided or Double-Sided Placement?:
  • Size of PCB:
  • Size of panel (if multiple PCBs per Panel):
  • Any design/fabrication requirements?
  • Will you provide the unpopulated circuit boards?
  • Will components to be placed be provided, or do they need to be sourced?
  • Any testing or special requirements for the application?
  • When will the populated circuit boards be required (lead time)?



If available, please include Gerber Files, drawings, X-Y Centroid Data, and any Bill of Materials or additional drawings associated with the requested product.



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