Sensor Solutions manufactures over 7,000 unique catalog magnetic sensors as well as provides design and development services and support for custom electrical and packaged sensor options.  All products are manufactured and distributed globally from our facility in Colorado, USA.


  • Our Engineering team are experts in translating your application needs and requirements.
  • All orders are shipped directly from our manufacturing facility, eliminating additional 3rd party distributor costs.
  • We ship using UPS and FedEx using our account or yours.



Sensor Solutions has more than 27 years of experience providing high quality sensors for a variety of industries, including  agriculture, automotive, heavy equipment, industrial automation, medical and many more. Our design and production process provide solutions that offer superior performance and quality.   We customize fit, form, and function to provide the ideal solution that meets all the requirements of our customer.

 The Sensor Solutions team works with our customers to ensure the finished sensor meets the specific needs and requirements of its desired application and any industry specific guidelines. In-house environmental and performance testing can be completed in many applications. Production intent samples can be provided with short lead times for verification in new applications. We also work directly with certified test labs when applications require certification to international or industry standards.

In addition to providing support in the development of new sensor applications, our team are also experts in Engineering direct replacements for existing applications to replace obsolete, difficult to source, long lead time, over-priced, or under-performing sensors.  Eliminate in house modifications, rework, or other issues by having Sensor Solutions provide the sensors to directly meet your requirements.