Sensor Solutions offers a wide variety of analog Hall effect sensors and analog magnetic proximity sensors in our catalog.  We have multiple options with centered offset voltages for detecting North and South Pole Fields as well as custom programmed sensors for an analog output voltage swing from a single pole.  All sensor lines are offered with 5V powered ratiometric outputs as well as regulated versions for 12V and 24V systems.

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Analog Hall Effect Sensors

What are Linear Output Ratiometric Sensors for North and South Pole Detection?

AH and AH5 analog Hall effect sensors provide an output that is ½ the supply voltage with the ratiometric -5V option when there is no magnetic field present.  When a South Pole field is detected the output increases toward the supply voltage.  A North Pole field decreases the output voltage towards 0V.  AH sensors have a gain of 2.5mV/Gauss for measuring fields of +/1000 Gauss. AH5 sensors have a gain of 5.0mV/Gauss for detecting fields of +/- 500 Gauss.

These sensors are also available in a regulated –RG option for use in 12V and 24V powered systems.  The regulator provides 5V to the sensing element and the sensors will output 2.5V with no field present regardless of the power supply voltage (8-30V).      

What are the Application Programmed Analog Hall Effect Sensors?

Sensor Solutions offers several lines of programmable Analog Hall Effect Sensors for providing the greatest output swing for the fields being measured in a specific application.  The following sensors are all offered fully programmed for the application with Temperature Coefficient for the magnet type being detected factored into the programming. 

  • PAH programmable Hall Sensors offer a programmable offset voltage (0.05-4.95V) for applications where the field from only one pole is to be detected.  The gain can be programmed anywhere from 0.05 to 14mV/Gauss for use in applications with large or small fields to measured.  The output of these sensors can also have the slope inverted so that the North Pole field increases the output voltage.
  • PAM programmable Hall Sensors can be two-point programmed to a specific magnet at multiple gaps.  They are also capable of being programmed to detect a field range anywhere between +/-1500 Gauss, which is the largest range of any of our programmable Hall Effect sensors.
  • PAL1 programmable Hall sensors are the fastest responding Analog Halls in our catalog.  These sensors update at a frequency of 120KHz.  The PAL1 can be programmed with a gain between 1.3-2.9mV/Gauss.  Other PALx options are available for 2.9 – 14.0m/Gauss gains.  Contact our Applications Engineers to discuss options for higher gain/high-frequency Analog Hall Sensor options.

What is Field Programming & Testing for Analog Hall Effect Sensors? 

In addition to our packaged programmable Hall Effect Sensors, Sensor Solutions also provides higher volume programming and testing at the IC level of Allegro, Melexis, and Micronas sensors.  Specific sensing ICs that are currently available custom programmed include the following: 

  • Allegro A1363
  • Melexis MLX90215
  • Melexis MLX90251
  • Micronas HAL805

Contact our Applications Engineers to discuss options for any of the above-listed sensing ICs or other Programmable Analog Hall sensors offered fully programmed.  Sensors can also be custom lead formed and mounted to PCBA sensors when required.

What Magnets are used with Analog Hall Effect Sensors?

The operate detection range for an Analog Hall Effect sensor and a permanent magnet is dependent on the size, shape, and grade of the magnet as well as the orientation of the sensor relative to the magnet and the direction of motion.  To determine the appropriate sensor and magnet of a given application, Contact our Applications Engineers to discuss the specific requirements.

A large variety of target magnet options are available in our accessory catalog.  We offer raw magnets with the South Pole Marked as well as magnets built into threaded bolts for mounting in threaded holes and magnets mounted into clamping shaft collars for easy installation on smooth shafts.

For more information on analog hall effect sensors and analog magnetic proximity sensors, contact a Sensor Solutions engineer today!


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