Custom Magnetic Sensor Design & Manufacturing

Sensor Solutions: The Best Choice for Custom Magnetic Sensor Design and Manufacturing

Beyond offering a catalog of 6000+ Hall Effect Switches, Gear Tooth Sensors, and other magnetic sensors Sensor Solutions is an Original Equipment Manufacturer of custom sensors for many applications.  We also specialize in manufacturing OEM replacement sensors for applications where the original sensor is either no longer available, is not well-suited, or is too expensive. In this application note, you can find more information on our custom sensor capabilities as well as guidelines for the information to provide when starting a custom sensor project. 


Reasons to Select Sensor Solutions for Your Next Project

Check out our Sensor Solutions Projects to learn more about:


Custom Magnetic Sensor Design Considerations & Example Applications


In conclusion, there are many details to consider in custom sensor designs. Our Engineers have years of experience in designing custom magnetic sensors for new applications as well as OEM replacements. Contact our Engineering Department now to discuss your specific needs.

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