Sensor Solutions catalog includes a variety of options for detecting if a target is moving or not, or if it is moving faster or slower than an expected speed.  Speed switch sensors are available for detecting magnets, gears, and other steel targets.  These sensors are built specific to the requirements of the application.

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Speed Switch Sensors

Speed Switches

As an alternative to connecting a speed sensor output to an external programmed Speed Switch Meter or a tachometer with relay outputs, Sensor Solutions provides sensors built with precision programmed internal speed switching outputs, reducing the cost and size for applications where systems need to monitor for over-speed, under-speed, or zero-speed conditions.

Speed switch sensors are available for targeting gears, bolt heads, and other ferrous features.  Magnetic speed switches are also available to provide speed switched outputs for detecting magnets that are attached to the surface or embedded in the moving targets.

Speed switch sensors provide a pulsing output for speed measurement along with an output that switches on/off dependent on the speed measured and the internal programming. They are built specifically to the requested operate and release speeds in Hz.  The programming also includes the number of consecutive pulses above/below the switch speed needed to occur before the output changes states.

Common applications for these sensors include:

  • Monitoring belt speeds on conveyor systems to signal alarms when movement stops unexpectedly due to jams or damage to drive systems
  • monitoring shaft speed before engaging/disengaging power take-off equipment
  • Verifying exhaust fans are operating.
  • Verifying motor speeds in range for operation of machinery and equipment.
  • Remote monitoring of systems in automated assembly lines
  • Confirming movement has stopped before disengaging safety systems

Although not yet listed on our site, Direction sensitive speed switch sensors are also available. For this sensor type, the speed switch output reacts only to over-speed or under-speed conditions in a single direction of movement.  Contact our Engineering team through the site or give us a call at 970-879-9900 to discuss the requirements of your application.

If you are not able to find the form factor, connection type,  or electrical power/output requirements for your speed switching application, contact our Sales or Engineering team to discuss options to provide the sensor formatted to meet your specific requirements. 


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