Magnetic Sensors in Medical Applications

Sensor Solutions manufactures multiple custom products specifically for OEM medical applications.  Our company is ISO 9001 certified, and have been audited by Medical Industry Manufacturers to relevant ISO 13485 standards by our customers and exceeded their expectations.

Hall Effect Switches and Analog Hall Effect Sensors are used in a wide variety of medical applications for monitoring the relative components of parts in complex medical equipment. Magnetic sensors are also commonly used for tracking speed of moving components in medical testing equipment, for measuring magnetic fields in and near MRI machines, and as limit switches or safety switches.

Sensor Solutions magnetic sensors are available in stainless steel, aluminum, and molded plastic packaging and detailed inspection data proving parts meet specifications can be provided with custom sensors if required when sensors are considered “critical” for proper function in medical applications.

Application Examples

Sensor Solutions has been providing sensors to medical equipment manufacturers for two decades.  Below are several specific examples where Sensor Solutions Magnetic sensors are used in medical equipment, hospitals, and other medical facilities.

The above listings are just some of the applications in which magnetic field sensors can be used in medical equipment.  Magnetic field sensors can be used for precision detection of relative position between components in medical equipment, to track relative position of components in hospital beds, to measure current flow in sensitive equipment, as safety interlocks in equipment and facilities, and other applications where a position, gap, alignment, orientation need to be measured without contact. 

For more information on sensors for medical applications or assistance in determining the best magnetic field sensor to meet your needs, contact our Applications Engineers.

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