Industrial Magnetic Sensors

Sensor Solutions was incorporated in 1993 to manufacture sensors designed for tracking the position of steel components for test and measurement applications.  In the 20+ years since then, we have provided sensors for numerous industrial applications.

Our sensors can be found monitoring conveyor systems on production lines, inspecting assemblies to confirm the presence of internal steel components, monitoring equipment speeds, providing alarm notifications for safety systems, tracking movement in die cast equipment, and numerous other applications.

In addition to manufacturing facilities, magnetic sensors are used in many different ways for monitoring and controlling moving components in systems.  Sensors monitoring shaft speeds provide feedback in specialty trucks indicating whether or not engine speed and direction are appropriate for other systems.

Monitoring and Control System Sensors in Manufacturing

Sensor Solutions Magnetic Sensors are utilized for many different applications in manufacturing, from assembly lines through test and inspection.  Below are some specific applications where a Sensor Solutions sensor is put to use.

  • Quadrature Gear Tooth Sensors and Quadrature Magnet Sensors are both used for monitoring the speed and direction of travel of conveyor systems on manufacturing lines
  • Speed Switch Sensors used to provide alarms when conveyor system belts break, slip, or stop moving unexpectedly.
  • Ferrous Metal Proximity Sensors are used to inspect for steel components in aluminum assemblies.  They are also used to track position, gap, and alignment between moving components in production lines.
  • Digital Hall Effect Sensors for detecting relative proximity of moving components on manufacturing lines.
  • Quadrature Gear Tooth Sensors monitoring and comparing input and output shaft speeds for testing transmission systems.
  • Analog Hall Effect Sensors inspecting machined components for residual magnetization.
  • Magnetic Tape Tracker Sensors for guiding AGVs and AGCs delivering components and moving assemblies in production lines.
  • Shot Rod Sensors for monitoring the speed and direction of the shot rod in Die Casting machines.
  • Detecting the position of pistons through aluminum casings
  • Measuring reel speed and direction
  • Shaft run out detection
  • Counting the distance traveled in a line painter
  • Gear teeth count up and down for a wire length in a wire feeder
  • Scanning for ferrous metal debris inside aluminum boxes
  • Determining position of a magnet through a brass or copper tube
  • Measuring for Defects through the aluminum case of fully assembled transmission assemblies

Monitoring and Control System Sensors in other Industrial Applications.

Beyond the assembly line, magnetic sensors are also found in a variety of other Industrial Applications.  Below are a few examples.

Beyond applications listed in this document Sensor Solutions Sensors are also used to detect speed, position, proximity, and alignment in custom industrial equipment in many different ways. 

If you have an application requiring sensors for monitoring or control in Industrial Applications contact our engineers to discuss the specifics and best sensor type for your requirements.

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