Power Generation Magnetic Sensors

Magnetic sensors are used in many unique energy production and transmission applications.  Analog Hall effect sensors can be used to monitor energy flow and other magnetic sensors detect the position or speed of moving components in oil fields, nuclear and other power plants, as well as in solar and wind energy applications. 

Sensor Solutions Magnetic sensors can be found in power generation applications everywhere from the mine to the consumer distribution. 

Our magnetic sensors are used to detect vehicle speed in specialty mining vehicles, to track the feed of water hoses going in and out of the mine and on winches and drums pulling materials in and out of mines.

Magnetic Sensors in the Oil and Gas Industries

Sensor Solutions has patented sensors that monitor the Thief Hatches on oil storage tanks that work with SCADA systems to warn oil field operators when the hatch is not properly sealed.  Open hatches are an environmental concern and sensors can be added to an entire well site for less than the cost of a single day’s fine. Sensor Solutions manufactures sensors also holds multiple patents for monitoring Natural Gas gauges with magnetic field sensors. Contact our sales engineers for more information on our Thief Hatch Monitoring Systems. 

In addition to our patented application specific sensors, Sensor Solutions provides analog proximity sensors and speed/direction sensors that provide important feedback to Oil Rig operators in deep sea applications.  We have also provided multiple sensors used for monitoring pumps and generators in oil and gas applications. Other oil & gas applicaitons include: tank intruder alarm sensing and resolving the angular position of Propane tank gauges.

Sensor Solutions proximity sensors and speed sensors are also used in Nuclear Facilities and other power plants to monitor generators and other moving components including conveyor systems.

Magnetic Sensors in Renewable Energy Applications

Sensor Solutions has worked directly with multiple manufacturers of Windmills, Solar Panels, Solar Collectors, and water driven technologies to support the development of clean/renewable power sources.  Some specific examples of where Sensor Solutions has provided sensors in renewable energy applications are as follows.

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