Angular position magnets are specifically designed to be paired with angle position sensors for tracking the rotation angle of the target the sensor is attached to.  The magnets are mounted on the center of rotation of the shaft, disc, or another rotating target.

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Angular Position Magnet

Angular Position Sensor Outputs

APSV Angular Position Sensors provide an analog output proportional to the angle of a magnet in front of its sensing face. The sensing element output is ratiometric, so it varies from 10% to 90% proportional to the supply voltage.

  • The 3E version connects your supply voltage directly to this sensing element, so the output tracks the input. In other words, using a 5V supply the output will vary from 0.5 to 4.5 volts. Using a 3V supply, the output will vary from 0.3 to 2.7 volts.
  • The regulated versions of this sensor put a regulated 5V to the element, so the output tracks 10 to 90% of 5V.

These sensors only work when the magnetic field strength is within the minimum to maximum "Detectable Magnetic Field" range listed on the specification sheet. Our magnet spec sheets note this range. If the field strength is outside this range, the output will be below 5% (approximately 0 volts).

Angular Position Sensor Magnets

Angle Position Sensor Magnets are available in two different diameters for working at different operate gap ranges.  In addition to raw magnets, we also offer them in easy to attach flange mount housings with the angles indexed on the face of the housing.

Custom Angle Sensing Applications

In addition to the options found currently in our web catalog, custom solutions are also available for providing an analog output over 360 degrees of rotation, or a partial rotation.  We can provide the sensors and magnets in custom packaging designed specific application.

To learn more about options for angular position sensing, custom angle position sensors and magnets, or other options to meet the specific requirements of your application contact our engineers to discuss your specific magnetic sensing requirements.

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