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What are the reasons to select Sensor Solutions for your next project?

There are many reasons to utilize Sensor Solutions to provide custom sensors for your next application.  Whether your primary focus is Engineering Support, Design Assistance, or budget Sensor Solutions Engineering team is prepared to provide the best sensor for your application.


Customization Built into the Company Business Model

Sensor Solutions utilizes modular manufacturing and design techniques allowing us to adapt form, fit, and function from existing catalog parts into new custom solutions.  Whether your requirement is as simple as branding a Hall Effect Switch with your part number, or your product requires significant Engineering work our Applications Engineers bring decades of experience, extensive resources, and dedication to customer satisfaction to every project, large or small.


Rapid Prototyping and Design Iteration

Sensor Solutions stocks thousands of unique magnetic sensor components and subassemblies to allow for new custom sensors to be built and shipped within a few days of initial contact with the customer. Our modular system allows us to provide specifications and sample sensors to customers faster than any other company in the industry.

In addition to building the sensors, our Engineering team often performs design verification testing for customers during the custom sensor development process.  When design changes are determined necessary, they react swiftly in making changes while working with the customer to ensure the process results in the best magnetic sensor for the application.

Sensor Solutions stocks a large variety of electrical circuits and components to provide thousands of unique sensors to meet the fit, form, and function requirements of new applications.  We regularly design new circuits, sensor housings, and connections specific to custom applications and can provide sensors with custom requirements in days or weeks.


Testing to Production in Weeks, Not Months

During product development our Applications Engineers consider customer scheduled requirements to ensure that once a sensor has been designed and proven in a new application, that the customer can start receiving production sensors in the required volumes as quickly as possible.

For custom Hall Effect Sensor combinations that require custom machined or molded housings, new circuit designs, or custom designed cables or pigtail connections the lead time on a first production order is typically 4-8 weeks.  For custom sensors built with existing sensor modules the lead time can be as little as 1-2 weeks.


Custom Solutions for any Production Volume

Regardless of whether you require a custom precision programmed digital ferrous metal proximity sensor for a piece of machinery or you require 100,000 speed sensors per year Sensor Solutions is highly experienced in determining the most cost and time methods to design, manufacture, and test sensors specific to the needs of the application.  Custom sensor designs utilize our modular manufacturing concepts to minimize the number of custom components and tooling required to develop and test magnetic sensors with the shortest lead times and lowest costs.


Experience, Equipment, and Human Resources

Sensor Solutions was first incorporated in 1993 by an Electrical Engineer that came up with a new design to provide magnetic field based, ferrous metal detection sensors capable of detecting steel at significantly greater gaps than any sensors on the market at that time.  From there the company has developed thousands of unique sensors measuring magnetic fields to provide custom solutions for sensing position, speed, alignment, the direction of motion, and more.  Our Engineers have patented designs in multiple applications, technologies, and industries.

We design and populate our circuits in-house, and utilize our own custom designed equipment for creating precise magnetic fields used in calibrating, programming, and testing our products.  Our Engineering team has been working together for many years with combined experiences working on custom applications in a wide variety of industries and we are always ready for the next challenge.

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