Ocean & Underwater Magnetic Sensors

Sensor Solutions is an OEM manufacturer of multiple sensors designed specifically for marine applications, our magnetic Hall effect sensors can be found on the surface of the water on boats large and small as well at the bottom of the ocean on remote operated vehicles and all points in-between.

In addition to specialty sensors designed for marine applications, nearly all of our sensor types for measuring speed, count, position, alignment, or proximity can be manufactured with a marine upgrade where electronics are all encapsulated in an epoxy designed to withstand the harshest salt water immersion environments.  We can also provide many of our sensors built with an extremely water resistant and robust shielded cable. We also have experience in designing pressure resistant sensors for use in deep sea and see floor applications. Contact our engineers for complete part numbers and pricing to upgrade the cable and or encapsulation for marine applications.

Marine & Offshore Applications

See below for examples of Marine Applications where Sensor Solutions sensors can be found.

  • Quadrature Magnet Sensors are used for measuring winch feed (count or speed and direction) on Research and commercial fishing vessels to track position of equipment at the end of the cable.
  • Quadrature Magnet Sensors are also found tracking bucket orientation on dredges.
  • Quadrature Magnet Sensors are also used on dredges for tracking rotational position of drums for feeding cable to ships being towed.
  • Ferrous Metal Proximity Sensors are used for tracking relative position of sub-surface components of Off-Shore Drilling Rigs
  • Quadrature Speed and Direction Sensors are used for monitoring the speed and direction of moving sub-surface systems on Off-Shore Drilling Rigs.
  • Gear tooth Sensors for tracking speed of motors for ROVs operating at the bottom of the ocean.
  • Gear tooth Sensors for tracking steering (rudder position)
  • Hall Effect Switches and Reed Switches as limit switches for detecting closed hatches, doors, and cargo bays.
  • Gear tooth Sensors for providing feedback of cable movement to crane operators.
  • Multiple sensor types for US Navy Research projects.
  • Custom sensors for US Naval Ships that provide two independent speed sensors for tracking engine speed.
  • Resolving cable feed in mining and off shore applications
  • Underwater cable feed
  • Gear teeth count up and down for a wire length in a wire feeder
  • Determining shaft and gear overspeed and underspeed conditions
  • Measuring shaft rotational speed and direction
  • Measuring speed and direction of winch shaft
  • Measuring reel speed and direction
  • Shaft run out detection

The above examples are just some of the marine applications that Sensor Solutions has provided magnetic sensors for. If you have an application that requires measuring a speed or position, or counting feed rate, or confirming alignment or proximity in a marine environment, contact our applications engineers to discuss the functional and environmental requirements for your application.

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