Sensor Solutions manufactures OEM and OEM replacement magnetic sensors designed specifically for the detection of high-speed shot rods in die casting equipment.  Our catalog includes replacement options compatible with Visi-Trak and Zitai systems as well as the next generation in die cast shot rod magnetic sensors that adapt to changing gaps and the different diameters and target profiles of shot rods used in die casting machines. 

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Shot Rod

Self Calibrating Shot Rod Sensors

Sensor Solutions has developed a self-calibrating shot rod sensor to overcome problems of a typical calibrated sensor when placed in die cast machines.  These sensors will calibrate themselves to produce a digital signal which has a 50% duty cycle. The following application note provides information about how shot rod sensors work and explains why Sensor Solutions self-calibrating shot rod sensors should be used in all machines for improved performance and operate gap range.

Self Calibrating Shot Rod Sensors are available for 20 Tooth Per Inch shot rods (SSCR20TPI) and for shot rods with 2mm tooth spacing (SSCR2MM).  These sensors are ideal for use in new equipment or as drop-in replacements in existing machines. Sensors are available with free end wires or MS style connectors for quick connection to the electrical system of the die cast machines. 

Traditional Shot Rod Sensors

Sensor Solutions has been manufacturing improved function and quality shot rod sensors for use in Visi-Trak systems for many years.  Sensors are available for detection of 2mm spaced shot rods and 20 teeth per inch shot rods.

Traditional Shot Rod Sensors are marked for obsolescence as the self-calibrating shot rod sensors are drop-in replacements for the same equipment. Once current material stock is used up, estimated in the summer of 2017, these sensors will no longer be available for purchase.

To learn more about options for shot rod sensing, OEM packaging of sensors for your equipment, or other options to meet the specific requirements of your application contact our engineers to discuss your specific magnetic sensing requirements.

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