Magnetic Sensors for Agricultural Applications

Sensor Solutions manufactures OEM and OEM replacement sensors for numerous agricultural applications in both high and low volumes.  

Sensor Solutions Hall Effect Switches when paired with target magnets can be used as safety interlocks and to confirm proper alignment between farm implements and power take offs.  Quadrature Magnet Sensors paired with Shaft Collar Targets can measure the speed and direction of rotation of PTO driven farm implements.

Gear Detection Sensors provide one or more digital pulsing outputs for tracking rotational speed and direction of motion of moving components engines, transmissions, power take offs, and mechanical systems in agricultural equipment.

Ferrous Metal Proximity Sensors with analog and/or digital outputs can confirm alignment, proximity, position of components within tractors and agricultural implements.

Application Engineers with Experience In Agriculture Industry Requirements

Sensor Solutions Engineers are available to discuss applications Monday through Friday over the phone, or you can Contact Us through the website to determine the best Sensor Solution for your Application.

Sensor Solutions currently provides sensors for many different agricultural applications.  We have designed multiple sensors specifically for use on tractors, for monitoring tractor implements, and for reporting data to remote monitoring systems for intelligent planting systems. 

We have multiple products that have been designed specifically for agricultural applications that have been tested to the highest standards and we offer technical support both during the design process as well as supporting products that have also gone to production.

In addition to providing sensors for new OEM applications, we also can provide drop-in replacements for sensors on equipment where the manufacturer is no longer supporting the products.  We also can provide custom one-off solutions for applications where farmers need more information about speed, position, count, feed, or alignment. 

Agriculture Applications

Specific Agricultural Applications that Sensor Solutions has provided sensors for include the following.

  • Measuring the flow rate of fertilizer behind tractors
  • Flow meter sensors for irrigation and fertigation
  • Determining shaft and gear overspeed and underspeed conditions
  • Measuring shaft rotational speed and direction
  • Smart Sensors for controlling relay status based on speed and direction of motion
  • Resolving rotational position of shafts and gears
  • Measuring speed and direction of winch shaft
  • Measuring the height of a saw blade in the timber industry
  • Measuring reel speed and direction Measuring conveyor belt speed and position
  • Shaft run out detection Determining fan shut down (motor stall)

Products for Agricultural Applications:

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