Magnetic Sensors For Magnet and Steel Targets

With thousands of options utilizing multiple technologies, sometimes it is logical to start with the target and then review the types of functions that magnetic sensors, switches, transducers, and pickups can perform looking at that target.  By first indicating if you need a gear, a magnet, or a shot rod, you can start here and narrow down our catalog by selecting your target.

Once you have selected your target, the next step will be to select the function, or what it is you are looking to measure from the target.  A list of functions that can be measured from that target will be listed on the next page.  After you have selected your sensor function all sensors that meet your function and target will be listed and you can sort out the packaging and electrical features to determine the best sensor for your application.

If you are not sure where to start or have a custom application, contact our engineers to discuss the specifics of your requirements.  As alternatives to this sensor selection tool, you can browse our catalog, or start by selecting your sensor by function.  A competitor cross reference catalog is also available to search through proven replacements for sensors manufactured by a number of different companies.

In addition to the 6,000+ magnetic sensors in our catalog, we can provide an infinite number more options.  So, if you find the sensor you like but it needs to be 2” longer, or made from aluminum instead of stainless steel, or needs a unique pigtail connection,  contact our Engineers to put together the customized magnetic sensor that best fits your needs.

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