Magnetic Sensor Design, Programming & Testing Service

Sensor Solutions offers a wide variety of services to complement the production and use of our over 7,000 magnetic sensors and accessories. Providing the highest quality customer service from design through production is our primary focus. Whether you require analysis of an existing sensor to determine an improved replacement, you need assistance in the development of a custom sensor target, you need to troubleshoot sensor function in your application, or if you have any other questions related to magnetic sensing Sensor Solution’s highly experienced team is ready to help at any time to provide support.

Our company is dedicated to providing everything a customer might need from design and development through production and the life of the sensor. The Sensor Solutions’ team works with our customers to ensure the finished product meets the specific needs and requirements of its desired application and any industry-specific guidelines. In-house environmental and performance testing can be completed in many applications and we also work direct with certified test labs when applications require certification to international standards.

Other Capabilities:

In addition, Sensor Solutions offers:

  • PCBA Assembly & Sourcing 
  • Precision Magnetic Field IC programming of Analog and Digital sensors
  • Custom Electrical Sensor Design
  • Custom sensor packaging (housing and connection) design
  • Full magnetic sensing solutions: Design, Engineering & Production of Sensors, Targets, and meters/controllers
  • Multi-pole magnetic tape magnetization
  • Custom & catalog Smart Sensors
  • On-site and remote support during design, development, and testing
  • Brand Labeling for OEM customers
  • CE Marking
  • Programming/Testing of Tachometers, Counters, and Sensor Controllers
  • KANBAN stocking plans for OEM customers
  • Product Analysis for Replacement Sensor Design
  • On Call Engineering Support
  • Engineering Testing specific to Customer Requirements
  • Management of certification testing against international and industry standards

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