Sensor Solutions' catalog includes a single line of angular position sensors. These sensors measure the rotational angle of a shaft, drum or another rotating object using a specially magnetized target magnet.  The sensor is mounted at a specified gap from the magnet, which is centered over the rotation point.

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Analog Output Detection over 360 Degrees of Rotation

Angular Position Sensors provide a single analog output that tracks the rotational angle of the target magnet.  These sensors are ratiometric, so over 360 degrees of rotation the output tracks between 10%-90% of the supply voltage.

The 3E electrical option connects the supply voltage directly to the sensing element. With a 5V power supply the output range is 0.5 to 4.5 volts. With a 3V power supply, the output range is 0.3 to 2.7 volts.

A regulated electrical option provides 5V to the element regardless of the supply voltage, so the output range is 0.5 to 4.5 volts.

Angular Position Sensors resolve the angle using Hall effect sine and cosine data and an internal microprocessor. The output is a digital to analog conversion with a resolution of 0.36 degrees.

Magnets for Angular Position Sensors

Angular position magnets are magnetized specifically for use with Angular Position Sensors.  The operate gap range the sensor is dependent on the size and grade of the target magnet.  Sensor Solutions sensor/magnet operate gaps are stated in the sensor specifications sheet.

Sensor Solutions offers Angle Position Sensor Magnets in our accessory catalog both as raw magnets for the smallest mounting profile, as well as magnets mounted in small packages with mounting holes and reference angles marked for easiest installation.

Currently the Sensor Solutions Angular Position product line in our catalog lists only a fraction of options available for angular position tracking.  If you are unable to find the Angle Position Sensor function or form factor you need in our catalog, contact our Applications Engineers to discuss custom solutions. We can provide Angle Position Sensors and magnets in a wide range of housings and custom programmed options for detecting a smaller angle range are also available.

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