Military Speed & Position Sensors

Sensor Solutions is an American company that is proud to work with all branches of the US military and contractors supporting US military applications.  Magnetic field sensors are found in military vehicles (land, sea, and air), weapons systems, material test labs, and research and development facilities.

Sensor Solutions applications engineers have many years of experience in custom designing sensors for a broad base of applications, and we have provided remote and on-site support during development and testing of sensors for military applications.  Sensor Solutions has a CAGE code for direct sales to military branches and subcontractors, and purchasing terms are already in place between our company and many different contracted suppliers and manufacturers for military applications. 

Military Sensor Applications

A few military applications that we have provided sensors for are listed below.

  • Hall Effect Switches for measuring the rotation speed of helicopter blades.
  • Analog Hall Effect Sensors for tracking runout or change in position of rotating shafts.
  • Gear Detection Sensors for monitoring engine speed, cam and crankshaft speed, and power take off speeds on military equipment to provide feedback to auxiliary systems.
  • Custom sensors for US Naval Ships that provide two independent speed sensors for tracking engine speed.
  • Precision Ferrous Metal Proximity Sensors for calculating the velocity of projectiles.
  • Quadrature Gear Tooth Sensors for tracking positions of moving targets in military training equipment
  • Quadrature Gear Tooth Sensors for measuring input and output shaft speeds for bench testing helicopter engines and transmissions. 
  • Tank intruder alarm sensing
  • Tamper resistant door closure indication systems
  • Determining shaft and gear overspeed and underspeed conditions
  • Measuring shaft rotational speed and direction

Sensor Solutions has also provided many other sensors for military applications where we are not aware of how they are being used.  Our Application Engineers are very experienced in finding the solution for difficult problems when working with limited information.  Regardless of whether the application requires precision measurement of speed, position, alignment, orientation; or there is a requirement for counting event frequency or timing, Sensor Solutions has over 6,000 catalog options to choose from and the ability to create custom sensing solutions with rapid production capabilities.

Sensor Solutions has also cross-referenced and replaced OEM sensors for military applications where the original sensor is no longer available. If an application requires lab testing to environmental or electrical specifications, contact our applications engineers to discuss options for providing a direct replacement that will meet all approvals for use.

For applications that require resistance to extreme environmental conditions, heavy vibration, high pressures, or other unique concerns contact our applications engineers to discuss the specific requirements for a piece of equipment activity that requires monitoring. 

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