Sensor Solutions' catalog includes many unique sensors that target ferrous steel for measuring speed, count, position, proximity, and alignment.  Regardless of whether your application requires confirming the presence of a steel component in an assembly, measuring the speed of a rotating drum, confirming alignment of a component on an automated production line, or a different unique requirement, a variety of sensors are available for steel target detection.  

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Other Ferrors Targets

Ferrous Metal Detection Sensors for Measuring Speed or Count

When a measurement is required from a rotating object and there is no gear to target, but there are bolt heads or other ferrous features the following sensor types can be used like gear tooth sensors to measure speed or count rotations to track a feed rate.

  • 18ADSO and 37ADSO Single Channel Target Tracker Sensors provide a digital output that turns on when metal is present.  These sensors can detect gears, steel protrusions such as bolt heads, and holes in steel discs or flywheels.
  • 37ADQO Quadrature Gear Tooth Sensors combine two of our DSO elements in a single sensor to provide two out of phase output pulse trains for resolving the direction of movement.
  • 37ADSDO Speed and Direction Gear Tooth Sensors provide one digital pulsing output and a second high/low switching output that tracks the direction of motion.
  • SS Type Speed Switch Sensors provide 1 digital pulsing speed output and a second output (relay or transistor available) that switches at a specified frequency.  This low-cost solution will switch on/off within +/- 15% of the specified switch frequency.
  • DP type Ferrous Metal Detection Sensors are capable of detecting steel targets at greater gaps than other ferrous metal sensors but have a lower frequency response.  They are better suited for counting applications than speed measurement.

Ferrous Metal Detection Sensors for Measuring Position, Proximity, or Alignment

When the goal is to detect the presence, location, or proximity of a metal target, we offer the following product lines for non-contact detection of ferrous steel:

  • DP type Ferrous Metal Detection Sensors provide a digital output that turns on when detecting the presence of steel.  275VPD sensors can be custom programmed to switch specific to the target and gap in the application.  The rest of our Ferrous Metal Proximity Sensors detect steel targets use our patented technology to detect ferrous metal targets over an inch away.  These sensors also have an analog output that increases as steel approaches the sensor.
  • AP type Ferrous Metal Position Sensors provide a single analog output that increases as steel approaches the sensor face.  275VPA sensors are standard programmed to detect a large steel plate over 3/8” of travel but can be custom programmed to detect specific targets over a gap range.  The rest of our analog ferrous metal proximity sensors use our patented design to detect steel targets at increasing gaps.

To learn more about selecting speed sensors, designing sensor targets, the effects of mounting a ferrous metal sensor in a steel sleeve, and the importance of the gear pitch when using Quadrature or Speed/Direction sensors check our Application Notes for more information. 

If you do not find the ferrous metal detection sensor you need in our catalog, contact our Engineers to discuss a custom solution.

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