About Sensor Solutions

Our Company History

Sensor Solutions® was incorporated in Colorado in 1993. It started with a new design of a family of magnetic distance sensors that provided an analog output proportional to the distance to ferrous metal. This sensor caught on in the test and measurement field. From that product, we grew into having over 20 different families of products, all based on magnetic field detection.

The company currently holds 5 patents in magnetic sensing, and we are working on a few more. Over the years we have continued to grow our test and measurement, OEM, and replacement magnetic sensors. Our current catalog has over 6,000 unique magnetic field sensors.

We regularly develop new magnetic sensors for prototypes, OEM products, OEM replacements, and custom applications. Our customers are based in industries ranging from military to renewable energy. So whether you need a new custom sensor, are trying to replace a magnetic sensor that is no longer available, or need to replace a magnetic sensor that does not meet your needs; contact us and we can find you a catalog or custom magnetic sensor to meet your needs.

Download our company brochure for more information about Sensor Solutions, a Standex Electronics Comapny.  For the latest information on products, milestones, and events check our news page.

Magnetic Sensor ManufacturingMagnetic Sensor ManufacturingMagnetic Sensor ManufacturingMagnetic Sensor Manufacturing

Sensor Solutions: A Standex Electronics Company

Sensor Solutions is proud to be a Standex Electronics Company! In 2022, Sensor Solutions joined the Standex Electronics team, and we are excited about the collaborative opportunities this will bring to not only our partnership but to also our new and returning customers. We will utilize this partnership to help bring you the magnetic sensor solutions you need for your application. Check out the Standex Electronics Press Release to learn more about the acquisition and exciting, new opportunities this will bring for both Sensor Solutions and Standex Electronics!


“We are very pleased to have acquired Sensor Solutions, a great strategic fit which further expands our technical and applications expertise and range of customer solutions in high value, growing sectors such as electric vehicles, industrial automation and medical end markets.  Sensor Solutions programmable magnetic Hall and specialty sensors include customized, flexible sensor design solutions that meet the growing market demand for the manufacture of smart technologies,”  - President and Chief Executive Officer at Standard Electronics



Sensor Solutions utilizes Modular Manufacturing Concepts in Design and Production, allowing for the widest selection of Magnetic Field Sensors available, built to order with the shortest lead-times in the business. Design, Assembly, and Testing occur all in one location. American made components are used everywhere possible, and we work with mostly American vendors and partners for producing custom machined and molded sensor components done outside our facilities.  We are ISO 9001 certified and support our products whether you purchase thousands of sensors at a time or you purchased one sensor in 1999.

In House Capabilities Include: 

  • PCB and PCBA design and testing
  • High Speed Precision Pick'N'Place circuit board assembly
  • Six Sigma Design methodology
  • Precision Programming and testing of Allegro, Melexis, and Micronas sensing elements
  • Automated Cable/Wire Cutting and Stripping
  • Automated Pigtail Connection Assembly
  • Laser Fabrication of components
  • Laser Marking Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and Plastics for Product Identification
  • Mechanical and Electrical Sensor Design
  • Custom Sensor Housing and Cable Design
  • Molded Sensor Packaging and Component Design
  • 100% lot testing of critical product characteristics
  • Permanent Magnet Design and Field Calibration
  • Temperature Cycling and Burn in for Product Stabilization and Testing
  • Magnetic Calibration
  • Active Magnetic Field Hall Effect Programming and Testing
  • On-board Microprocessor based Sensor Design and Signal Conditioning
  • Product Analysis for Replacement Sensor Design
  • Engineering Testing specific to Customer Requirements
  • Prototype, 1 time, and OEM production
  • Full Encapsulation of Electronics for durability and protection, including Vacuum Encapsulation and Thermal Curing
  • Custom and Catalog Smart Sensors
  • KANBAN stocking plans for OEM customers
  • Brand labeling and custom packaging of products for OEM customers
  • CE Marking
  • Failure Analysis and Preventative Action Planning