Magnetic Sensors in Consumer Electronics

Magnetic sensors are found in many categories of consumer electronics.  Hall Effect sensors are used in exercise equipment, household appliances, digital cameras, smart phones, toys, electronic instruments, and other electronic devices and equipment. 

Magnetic sensors can be used to resolve speed, speed and direction, position, alignment, proximity or rotational position without requiring direct contact between the sensor and target.  Magnetic sensors can be provided in rugged protected enclosures for harsh environments, or in small circuit board mount packages for minimal use of space.

As Hall Effect Sensors Can detect magnetic fields through non-ferrous components magnetic sensors and targets can be embedded inside of appliances and detect targets that are on the opposite side of external and internal features.

Sensors for Consumer Electronics

The applications listed above are just some examples of where Sensor Solutions Magnetic Field sensors can be found in consumer electronics.  Contact our Applications Engineers if you would like to discuss a custom sensor solution for your Consumer Electronics application.

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