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Analog Hall Sensors

Analog Hall Sensors provide a voltage output that increases or decreases based on the size of the magnetic field present at the sensing element.

AH and AH5 sensors provide a 2.5V output with no magnetic field (offset voltage) and the output increases with a South Pole Field or Decreases with a North Pole Field. PAL1 sensors are available with a custom programmed gain and extremely high frequency response.

PAH and PAM Programmable Analog Hall Sensors can be programmed with a custom offset and gain per the size of the fields and pole(s) being detected in the application.

Although the output gain of these sensors is linear, magnetic fields decrease exponentially as the distance increases from the magnet. When used as proximity sensors the output will change much more significantly when the sensor is closest to the target than it will when the sensor is farther from the target. Contact our Engineering Department if you would like assistance in determining the best sensor and magnet combination for your application.

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