In addition to our thousands of magnetic sensors Sensor Solutions also offers a variety of supporting products.  We have magnets in multiple forms for sensor targets. We also provide mating connections (both raw connectors and fully assembled pigtails) for our connectorized sensors.  We also offer programmed meters for displaying sensor output, tachometers and signal conditioners and other programmed sensor controllers.

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Tachometers, Meters, and Controllers

Sensor Solutions offers a variety of meters and controllers for displaying sensor output such as speed or count, converting digital speed outputs into scaled analog outputs, switching relays at precise speeds, and other specialty meters and controllers designed to work specific with our sensors.  

All meters and controllers are provided fully programmed and ready for plug and play use with our magnetic sensors.  Custom Programming information is permanently kept in our database for easy ordering of replacement or additional units in the future.  More meter and controller options are available, contact our Applications Engineers to discuss your specific requirements. 


Sensor Solutions offers a wide variety of magnets for use as sensor targets.  Our magnet offerings are split into the following categories.

  • Raw Magnets are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, grades, and materials to meet the requirements of a specific application/environment.  All raw magnets are provided with the South Pole marked for easy pole identification during installation.
  • Potted Magnets provide our magnets permanently mounted into threaded bolts, sensor housings, and flange mount packages for easy installation and guaranteed pole orientation.
  • Shaft Collars can be manufactured for any size shaft and contain magnets allowing for easy measurement of shaft speed using Hall Effect Sensors.  The shaft collars are split in half for easy mounting around any shaft.
  • Multi-Pole Magnet Strips are sold per foot and provide alternating North and South Pole fields for use with Quadrature Hall Effect Sensors to track speed and direction, or a count based position.
  • Angular Position Sensor Magnets  are specially magnetized magnets specifically for use in resolving angular position of rotating targets when paired with our Angular Position Sensors.

If you are unable to find the magnet size or grade required, or need a custom shaft collar or potted magnet option, contact our Applications Engineers to discuss custom magnet solutions.

Mating Connectors and Mating Cable Sets

All Sensor Solutions product lines are offered with a variety of integral connectors and pigtail connections for easy installation and replacement of sensors.  Raw mating connectors are available for all of our sensor connectors for attachment to customer wiring.  Fully assembled Mating Cable Assemblies are also available in multiple standard lengths with jacketed and shielded cable options.

Custom mating cable assemblies can also be built to order, and sensors can be provided kitted with mating connections upon request. Contact our Applications Engineers to discuss custom connection solutions.

Mounting Brackets

Slotted Right Angle mounting brackets allow for adjustment of sensor position relative to the target in the X,Y, and Z axises.  They are available in 4 different diameters for use with different sizes of sensor housings. 


Sensor Solutions stocks a small number of Steel Spur Gears for use as targets for measuring speed, speed and direction, or position within gear rotation.

If you cannot find the sensor accessory you require, or have any questions about Sensor Solutions products, contact our Applications Engineers Monday-Friday to discuss your application and product requirements.

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