Packaged Magnetic Sensors

Select from the images below to explore Sensor Solutions entire catalog of magnetic field sensors, sensor mating connections, target magnets and gears, magnets, and meters for displaying sensor data and signal conditioning. 


Our catalog organizes sensors by categories, once a category and subcategory have been selected you will be able to choose from 10s to 1000s of magnetic sensors.  From there you can select electrical and mechanical attributes to narrow down the options until you find the ideal sensor for your application.

If you are not sure what type of sensor you need, try our Sensors By Function or Sensors By Target tools which are designed to determine the best sensor product line for your application based on the intended function and target for the magnetic sensors.

Catalog Categories

Our catalog of Hall Effect and other magnetic sensors and accessories is divided into the following categories.

  • Gear Detection Sensors is where to find all of our sensors for tracking gear teeth, cams, cranks, and other steel targets to measure speed, speed and direction, gear position, or count.
  • Hall Effect and Magneto Resistive Sensors includes all of our digital switching Hall Effect sensors, including options with multiple outputs for detecting speed or count with direction.
  • Speed Switch Sensors detect either steel or magnetic targets and provide an output that switches based on a zero speed, under-speed. or over-speed conditions.  
  • Analog Hall Effect Sensors includes all of our sensors that provide an analog output proportional to the size and pole of a magnetic field.
  • Reed Switches are passive reed switches for detecting position, proximity, or alignment with a magnetic target.
  • Ferrous Metal Proximity Sensors is where to find all of our digital switching sensors for detecting the presence of steel targets and sensors that provide an analog output that increases as steel approaches the sensor face.
  • Angular Position Sensors lncludes all of our sensors that provide an analog output that increases or decreases dependent on the angle of rotation.
  • Linear Position Sensors are combined sensors and magnets with an analog output for tracking movement and alignment between two surfaces at a constant gap. 
  • Other Sensor Types is where to find our sensor product lines that have been developed specifically for use in an application.  Currently, this includes tamper proof alignment detection systems, magnetic tape tracking sensors for use with automated guided vehicles, shot rod sensors for use in Die Casting equipment, and valve position sensors.
  • Accessories is where to find magnetic sensor targets and target gears, mating connectors and mating cable assemblies, mounting brackets, and meters/controllers to display sensor outputs and condition signals.

If you are not sure where to start or have a custom requirement, contact our Engineers to discuss the specifics of your application.  A Competitor Cross Catalog is also available to search through proven replacements for sensors manufactured by a number of different companies.

Beyond the 7,000+ magnetic sensors in our catalog, we manufacture OEM and OEM replacement sensors customized for the specifics of your application at low and high volumes.  So, if you find the sensor you like, but would prefer an output type not listed, or require a custom package for mounting it, contact our Engineers to put together the customized magnetic sensor that best fits your needs.

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