Replacement Magnetic Sensor Design Considerations

When an OEM source for a magnetic sensor is no longer able to meet the needs of a customer, Sensor Solutions Engineers have years of experience in determining replacement options based on either product documentation or reverse engineering of the original sensors.

When looking for a replacement sensor, in addition to the main reason a replacement is needed, it can also be an opportunity to implement additional improvements to make the new sensors more cost-effective, more robust, or have other improved functionality.

In many applications, the sensor originally selected may not have been the ideal choice mechanically or electrically, but it was available and made to work.  Sensor Solutions can add pull-up/pull-down resistors, EMI filters, load dump protection, and/or onboard signal conditioning to eliminate the need for other components in the electrical system.  We can also provide different housing materials, or make changes to thread lengths, material types, or other mechanical design aspects to make the sensors more cost-effective, more robust, and/or easier to install.  We can also provide sensors built with customized connection pigtails, eliminating the need to connect sensors once received.

Examples of OEM Replacement Sensor Applications Where the New Sensors Were Improved From the OEM Product:

  • An aftermarket automotive component provider originally contacted Sensor Solutions to provide a simple sensor with a length of jacketed cable. After a discussion with the customer, it was determined that they were not only adding a connector and protective tubing to the sensors, but they were also adding an external diode in the connector to prevent the electrical system from damaging the sensors.  The Sensor Solutions replacement sensors now have the protective diode inside the sensor itself and the company now purchases the sensors ready to deliver to their end customers with no processing in their facility at a reduced cost.
  • A manufacturer where Sensor Solutions originally replaced the OEM source due to pricing and minimum purchasing concerns acquired a new customer that added an additional environmental concern for using the sensors.  Sensor Solutions then revised the cable within the custom sensor to be plenum rated to meet the environmental requirements of their new customer

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