Nearly all of Sensor Solutions product lines can be utilized in aerospace applications.  We have provided OEM and custom solutions for a variety of aerospace applications since our company was formed in the 1990s.

Sensor Solutions Hall Effect Switches when paired with target magnets can be used as safety interlocks and to confirm aircraft components are properly positioned. 

Gear Detection Sensors provide one or more digital pulsing outputs for tracking rotational speed and position of moving components in air craft engines and mechanical systems.

Analog Hall Sensors can be used track relative proximity or alignment between moving components within aircraft.  And Angular Position Sensors can track the position of a rotating component.

Ferrous Metal Proximity Sensors  with analog and/or digital outputs can be used in Aerospace applications for tracking the motion or position of ferrous metal components.

Electrical Options for Aerospace Applications

Sensor Solutions modular manufacturing system allows for easy integration of any specific circuit protection requirements for a given application.  We offer 36V DC rated options for most of our product lines.

Sensor Solutions Electrical Design and Applications Engineers have years of experience in designing custom solutions to provide robust circuits that meet the specific requirements for certification in applications.  

Rapid Response From Experienced Engineers

Sensor Solutions engineers are available to discuss applications Monday through Friday over the phone, or you can Contact Us through the website to determine the best sensor solution for your aerospace application. 

Over the years we have worked directly with aerospace companies on applications for sensors in Airplanes, Helicopters, and Rockets.  Sensor Solutions also provides a variety of sensors used in manufacturing and testing facilities for Aerospace applications.

Specific Aerospace Applications that Sensor Solutions has provided sensors for include the following.

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