Sensor Solutions magnetic sensors are found in a wide variety of automotive and heavy equipment applications.  We provide OEM sensors, OEM replacement sensors, and sensors for aftermarket automotive performance applications as well as sensors used in Construction Equipment and specialty Heavy Duty vehicles. 

Sensor Solutions Hall Effect Switches and Gear Detection Sensors are used in cam and crankshaft monitoring applications and also provide engine and transmission speed/direction information from a variety of targets within the vehicles' powertrain.

Outside of the power train Gear Detection Sensors provide one or more digital pulsing outputs that are used to track speed and direction of motion, track rotational position of system components, and monitor crane and winch speed in vehicles and construction equipment.

For applications to monitor shaft speed where a gear cannot be accessed, Quadrature Magnet Sensors and Shaft Collar Targets can measure the speed and direction of rotation from the drive shaft or an auxiliary shaft. 

Ferrous Metal Proximity Sensors, Hall Effect Switches, and Analog Hall Effect Sensors are all frequently used in Automotive and Heavy Equipment applications for monitoring alignment, proximity, position, or orientation of moving components in vehicles and specialized Heavy Equipment.

Automotive and Heavy Equipment Applications

Sensor Solutions Engineers currently provides sensors for a variety of different automotive applications.  We have designed multiple sensors specifically for monitoring components in the drive train, from the engine through the transmission and more.

We provide sensors to multiple companies for aftermarket high performance kits installed in many different models of cars and can provide Engine Speed Sensors, Crankshaft Sensors, Camshaft Sensors, and specialty sensors for measuring proximity, position or alignment of components.

Current Automotive Applications we provide sensors for include the following:

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