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Hall Effect Sensors for Counting Gear Teeth

Hall Effect Gear Tooth sensors provide digital pulses as gear teeth pass by that when paired with a counter can be used to track a rotational or linear position.

Single channel sensors can be used where the direction of gear rotation does not matter.

Qaudrature and Speed and Direction Sensors provide two outputs for resolving the direction of motion so that a counter can increase in one direction of rotation and decrease in the opposite direction.

Sensor Solutions direction sensitive counting sensors are built and tested specific to the pitch of the gear being detected. This ensures that the duty cycle and phase angle of the outputs are the best possible for resolving direction and counting accurately.

NOTE: Target tracking sensing elements and internal direction outputs may not detect a change in direction until the second gear tooth passes. For accurate count in applications where the movement direction changes frequently type “-37ADQ-“ into the Search within these results (can this just be a click that automatically applies that filter instead of an instruction?) box.

For more information about our sensors, why we request the target pitch for two channel sensors, and target gear design, see our Application Notes.

To purchase a counter that is fully programmed for your application, see our Meters and Controllers.

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