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Proximity Sensors for Magnet Detection

Hall Effect Switches, Analog Hall Effect sensors, and Reed Switches are all capable of measuring proximity.

Digital Hall Switches provide an output that will switch on when they detect a large enough field from the correct magnetic pole. The gap at which the sensor will switch is dependent on the size, shape, material, and grade of the magnetic target.

Analog Hall effect sensors provide an output that increases or decreases dependent on the size and pole of the magnetic field at the sensing element. The sensitivity of the sensor and details of the magnet will determine the range of detectable output change for a specific application.

Reed switches are passive sensors that require no power, and will either open or close as a relay when detecting a large enough magnetic field.

A large variety of target magnet options are available in our Accessory Catalog and you can contact our Engineering department to determine a sensor and magnet combination for your application.

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