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Speed and Direction Sensors for Detecting Ferrous Targets

Sensor Solutions offers two styles of target tracking Hall Effect sensors for detecting speed and direction from a wide variety of ferrous metal targets.

Quadrature output sensors have two out of phase digital pulsing outputs where direction of rotation is determined by comparing which output switches first in the tachometer or controller.

Speed and Direction Sensors provide one pulsing output, and a second direction output that is in the high state in one direction of rotation, and low in the other direction of rotation.

Example targets for our Ferrous Target Tracking Speed and Direction Sensors include:

  • Tone rings, tone wheels, and face gears
  • Holes in discs, pulleys, and steel plates
  • Bolt heads, pins, and other steel protrusions
  • Shaft Keyways and notches in shafts
  • Steel inserts mounted in non ferrous discs and plates
  • Cam shafts and crank shafts

Sensor Solutions speed and direction detecting sensors are built and tested specific to the pitch of the gear being detected. This ensures that the duty cycle and phase angle of the outputs are the best possible for resolving direction from your target.

Learn more about selecting a speed and direction sensor for your Application here.

For more information about our speed detection sensors, why we request the target pitch, and target gear design, see our Application Notes.

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